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Founded by Victor Amélineau

Who am I ? Why Mnemosia?

Before we tell your story, let me tell you mine.


About me

Like all children, I dreamed of playing Jack Sparrow, Spider-Man or even James Bond. I thought I was them in the videos I made with mom and dad's camcorder. Growing up, my heroes changed, I wanted to be those guys who flew their skateboards and scooters. So between friends, each in turn, we filmed our exploits to make the best possible video. Then came the time for higher education... My choice turned to my childhood passion: videos. It was during my 3 years of study that I discovered who have always been the real heroes who slept in me : the directors, the cameramen, the editors... Those without whom the video would not exist.

Today, it is among them that I take my place, in a world where the importance of digital is only growing and where it is essential to communicate on social networks.

This is my mission with Mnemosia: to tell your story and share it with the world.

About Mnemosia

From an ardent passion and a desire to create, Mnemosia was born. Founded in 2021, it takes its name from the Greek titanid Mnemosyne, daughter of Ouranos and Gaia, and goddess of memory. 
Based in Nantes, its goal is to anchor your story in the minds of your customers, your employees or your community. 

Listening, Strength of Proposal, and Accompaniment are the key words that define Mnemosia. Qualities that we particularly value in order to deliver the best for your project.

Résumé Surface
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